Energy savings for families

Installing solar panels in your single-family home and save up to 70% on your electricity bill.

Photovoltaic solar energy installations for domestic self-consumption

Solar panel installations for self-sufficiency and energy use in the home. Reducing the dependence on the power supply market and lowering the cost of energy.

Study and advice

We are going to study your specific consumption needs to find the most efficient energy solution.

Procedures and installation

We take care of the paperwork and subsidies, as well as the complete installation and start-up.

Simple self-management

We provide you with the tools so that you can control the entire performance of your installation.

Maintenance of installations

In the face of any problem that may arise, we will offer you a fast and competent solution immediately.

Would you like to switch to photovoltaic energy?

At ElectroAldesa we install solar panels capable of adapting to any type of surface and roof to make the most of the energy potential of your home. Our technicians will study your home and advise you without obligation.

Energy Savings

With solar energy for self-consumption you will achieve considerable savings on your electricity bill.

Smart consumption

Receive reports in real time, control your consumption and manage your own energy in a simple and direct way.

100% renewable energy

Turn your house into a sustainable home by consuming clean, inexhaustible and safe energy.

All control of the installation on your mobile

Monitoring system to control and optimize the photovoltaic installation to the maximum.

production graphs


historical data


statistics for analysis



Get the most out of your solar installation

We have efficient storage systems with state-of-the-art smart batteries, which will save your surplus energy, minimizing your grid dependence.

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