Channeling the sun's energy directly into the grid

Construction of large parks with thousands of solar panels connected to the grid to supply their energy directly to the market.

We are experts in planning and executing all the necessary actions for the development of a solar farm: from the processing of permits and licenses, the construction of the facilities on site to the start-up and maintenance.

Explanation of the land and perimeter fencing


Structural work


Placement of photovoltaic modules


Security and video surveillance


This solar plant can generate about 3.6 million KWh per year, the equivalent of the annual consumption of 900 homes.

Direct connection to the general distribution network

After the wiring of modules and wiring of inverters, the electrical connections (with low voltage alternating current) are led to a transformer where its voltage is raised to the

20 kV necessary for the evacuation line (medium voltage alternating current) where finally electricity is connected to the general distribution network.

Complete control of the efficiency and safety of the solar park

We carry out the maintenance of the facilities we build through measurement, control and diagnosis systems, which daily provide us with information on the operating parameters of the plants, facilitating the detection of possible problems or breakdowns.

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