Facilitating energy self-consumption for companies

Study, project, execution and maintenance of solar energy self-consumption facilities to supply companies, industrial buildings and public buildings.

Photovoltaic for industrial self-consumption

We carry out electrical self-consumption installations for all types of companies, regardless of their size and energy needs. We take care of everything from the design of the installation to its start-up, as well as the maintenance and solution of incidents that may occur.

The benefits of self-consumption
for your company

Energy Savings

With solar energy for industrial self-consumption, you will save in your electricity bill at the end of the month.

Smart consumption

Receive reports in real time, control your consumption and manage your own energy in a simple and direct way.

100% renewable energy

It contributes to developing a sustainable business and economic activity, with energy independence.

Increases the value of your business

Adapting to an energy self-sufficiency model is a direct investment in the value of your business as a real estate asset.

Possibility to monitor every parameter with your smartphone

Monitoring systems to control and optimize the photovoltaic installation to the maximum.

production graphs


historical data


statistics for analysis



How long it takes to pay off the investment in solar energy?

Solar energy is currently one of the best business investments in a present in which energy costs are increasingly higher, affecting more and more the production costs of companies.

The economic return is very high since it is estimated that the investment will be amortized in only 5 years. In addition to being an energy produced in its own way, there is no need to pay taxes or electricity tolls.

How can I take advantage of aid and subsidies in solar energy?

Solar energy is already a profitable source by itself, but there are municipal, regional and state grants and subsidies to encourage its implementation. Here at ElectroAldesa, we are going to help you find the financing you need for your installation.

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ICIO discount

Get the optimal consumption by increasing your energy efficiency

We carry out industrial energy studies to try to reduce the energy consumption of your company through savings and Energy Efficiency guides that represent significant economic savings for our clients.

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